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Menampilkan postingan dari Februari, 2010

from me to you

when will it all can understand
when it can be realized
that the self can not stand this lonely
that the heart is to love
that my soul wants to have
I want to love and in love
I want to have and have
I realize that I was not a nobody
I admit this themselves have no special
I realize that this love had never owned
sometimes I mused while I myself
staring at the ceiling of the room in silence
and at the start lights lit dim
as the light slowly my heart is gone
maybe I'll get the answer
whether there will be someone for me
maybe the time will change my silence
if indeed this body and mind should always be yourself
even though I could not bear to go on like this
I hope there will still smile on my days
to help me stay awake and keep
to keep step with me and continue to be patient
because love is not something to be sought
is not also something to be anticipated
What other things should be in worship
because love is a feeling
when we can and are able to interpret life
enjoy smile