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I don't care

maybe I was wrongI also might have made everything so complicatedwhether what I think has ever seenbut all I know, you and she just meant in my day of days nowmaybe you or him, now has the same place in my heartI also might have made my heart as if to depend on you and also him.I know, I is not nobodyand I also know, I am nothing in your dayin mind and you think he was alsobut now I'm locked in the shackles of my own mindas if nothing has blamed for this out of my ireand sharing one heart which is now owned by two people seemed simultaneously so tormentingeven you are one, you're always togetherand I do not want to ruin your happinessfraternity you and he also, I do not want to spoil it one bitbecause I know, I really do not deserve youand I also would feel guilty if I am, wounding one of you or both, in one dayhence, I beg you please help mehelp me to find answers to all of my anxietyto find a way above all actedI want to be freeI want to be free from rasaku, which are now either on you or himI apologizebecause I am, just an ordinary human who must have had an error ..


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[Review] Sebongkah Kerinduan

Hai 2015. Hai para penjelajah blog, kali ini saya kembali dan ingin mencoba untuk menulis sebuah review buku, karena sebelumnya saya belum pernah menulis review buku, jadi saya akan mencobanya dengan menulis tentang buku saya sendiri, mungkin kalian akan berfikir saya melakukan ini dengan sedikit tujuan seperti promosi atau mungkin membanggakan karya saya sendiri, tapi kalau anda meneruskan membaca review ini, saya yakin anda pasti akan berfikir sebaliknya, jadi …. Bagaimana kalau kita mulai sekarang ?

Judul : Sebongkah Kerinduan Penulis : Tsanamilta Amirah Penerbit : Mozaik Indonesia Cetakan Pertama : 2013

Oke, untuk kalian ketahui, sebenarnya saya sudah menyelesaikan novel ini 2 tahun sebelumnya, dan novel pertama saya ini sebenarnya adalah naskah ke dua yang saya kirimkan pada pihak penerbit yang sama, [jangan tanya kemana naskah pertama saya saat ini karena kalaupun naskah itu rilis atau dibukukan, pasti orang orang akan mengira saya melakukan plagiat terhadap sebuah judul sinetron di…

Jori King - Love At First Sight Lyrics + DL

She got me feelin like 
Uh uh oh whoa oh 
Uh uh oh whoa oh oh yeah 

*Beginning Chorus* 

And I never felt this way before 
And I wanna give you all my world cuz 

You you make me believe in love at first sight 
And I do, yes I do, I-I do, yes I do 
You you make me believe in love at first sight 
And I do, yes I do, I-I do, yes I do 

*Verse 1* 

Girl you make me believe in things I've never seen 
And it's a trip to me how she got me feelin weak 

I just don't understand I was the type of man 
That could care one less about a girl yet here I am 

I don't know what to say think bout everyday 
I must admit that I hate whenever you're away 

I don't know what to do cuz when I think of you 
Somethin happens to me babe 


Oh pretty girl I really don't think that you know 
How strong or deep my love for you can go 
I never thought it could happen to me 
But baby girl I'm starting to believe 

Believe in love at first sight 
And girl I love that it's feelin so right 

Wana giv…

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