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June : Untitle

Often in my day I found the situation where I feel so lucky because most of people make me keep the spirit in my life, even when I feel stuck with all of my activities. And then when people ask me, who and what thing is make you keep survive? I don't know exactly who are they, and what is that and I can't explain and only said ‘whom’ and ‘what’ in my heart.
And about that, now I’ll try to tell you, you, and you… who and what is that the something/someone special who can make me still and never give up, even when I’m feeling very tired with my life
Firstly, I’ll start from my longest best friends… usually I call them with TIRAMISSU, hmm, maybe I'm not really a special person in their lives, but for me, they are one of my reasons why I still stay in my hometown! Huh… maybe they'll never believe me, when I said it to them. But that’s true! I hope, someday they’ll look at me as the real friend or more than before..
Secondly… hmm who’s? Ngngng
Aug! may_be all my classmate :D
I can't say their name one by one, but all of them have the respectivemeanings for me, and although sometimes they look bad, they are still can make me feel comfortable when I spend my time with them! Thereis like an another brotherhood for me! thank you friends..
third? Hmm, can I mention them anymore?
who always and still I mentioned in my time and in my prayers?
they are people who I know because one of organization in my campus, even now I’m not their part anymore, I still hope and always asking about them, after they or I may be ever be part of them.
Fourth, my big family in RiSE, or what I call them with ‘allchatboxrise’ even we are not really close anymore, but silently, I know we are still together till now and hope we'll meet together…
Fifth, my beloved family? Hhha JYPnation!
Even they don’t know about me, but I always feel ‘they are my spirit’ like when I feel tired with all my obsession, my ambition, and when I hear their songs, or watching them on tv, or anything about them (except bad news), they can make me smile and feels like my soul is still full of spirit till I can get my dream!
and, when I talk about them, the special person who can make me feel happy is one of the members from 2PM! yeah, maybe some of you already know who I choose, hha… but he really makes me happy, and sometimes just the reason about him, I can't control myself! oh God, I’m really sorry about it…
Well, I think enough, but this doesn’t mean, ‘whom’ and ‘what’ things special in my life just about them! I really have so many things and many people, who/what will I tell with you guys, but maybe next time in another chance…
and thanks for have read this blog!!


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Hulla semuanya ^_^ apa kabar ? Absen dulu yuk ? hha ,,,
cilukba ……..