Jumat, 04 November 2011

yang takkan terlupakan............ DREAM HIGH 드림하이

“do you know what a break shot is ? it’s the first shot you take to break the rack of balls in a billiard game. It’s the shot that begins every game.”
“you can hit the ball at the same angle with the same force, but it will always break the rack in different way.”
“that’s how it is with life and important changes.”
“like break shots, changes can come at us from nowhere. And the day copletetly disrupt our otherwish normal life.”
“and most teenagers find themselves helpless in the face of those changes.”
“if I could go back to those days again, I’d like to say this to those teenagers … the game’s begun, so don’t be scared. Enjoy the game.”
“one two three, annyeonghaseyo ? we’re DREAM HIGH”
“stepping out to our dreams”
“but the way was long”
“despair in the face of reality”


“dreams are something you never let go of”
“their journey has begun”
“their youth keeps them going”
“big challenges and the power of youth”
“our youth shines bright”
“challenges and passion”


“challenges what are you see throught to the end…”



“fly high with dreams”
“dreams and flight”



NB :
BAD news for me, I don’t know :’ ( what about you . . . .


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