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Feel good when somebody Miss u. Feel better when somebody Loves u. But feel best when somebody never…

Feel good when somebody Miss u. Feel better when somebody Loves u. But feel best when somebody never forgets u.

A friend is sweet when its new….but it is sweeter when its TRUE! But u know what? Its sweetest when its you.

Flowers need sunshine, violets need dew, all angels in heaven know I need u. years may fly, tears may dry, but my friendship with u will never die.

One day u will ask me: What is more important to you, me or your life? I will say: my life… You will walk away from me without knowing that U R MY LIFE!!!

A friend gives hope when life is low, a friend is a place when you have nowhere to go, a friend is honest, a friend is true. A friend is precious a friend is u.

If kisses were water, I will give u sea. If hugs were leaves, I will give u a tree.If u luv a planet, I will give u a galaxy, if friendship is life I will give u mine.

People live People die People Laugh People Cry Some give up Some will try Some say hi Some say bye Others may forget YOU but never will I.

If I were to be anything in this world…. I’d be ur tears!!!… So, I can be conceived in ur heart, born in ur eyes, live on ur cheeks & die on ur lips!!!!!

If u r a chocolate ur the sweetest, if u r a Teddy Bear u r the most huggable, If u are a Star u r the Brightest, and since u r my “FRIEND” u r the “BEST”!!!!!!!!!

A special friend is rare indeed,it beems to be special breed,yes,perfect friends r very few,so lucky I m for having you.

They say it takes a minute 2 fine a special person, an hour 2 appreciate them, a day 2 love them, but then an entire life 2 forget them.

When God opened the window of the Heaven He asked me: What is your wish for today? “I said : please take special care of the person reading this!!!!!!!”

Time might lead me to nowhere and faith might break into pieces but I will always be THANKFUL that once in my life’s journey we became FRIENDS!

It takes half our life to find true friends & half of it keeping them.I am lucky to have spent less than half my life finding you & wish to spend the rest keeping you.

In my life I learned how… 2 love 2 smile 2 be happy 2 be strong 2 work hard 2 be honest 2 be faithful 2 forgive but I couldn’t learn how.. 2 stop rembering u.

I have seen angels in the sky… I have seen snowfall in july… I have seen things u only imAgine to see… But I haven’t seen anything sweeter than u.

There r many stars but the moon is u, there are many friends but the best is u,, To forget me that’s up to u,,, To forget u I will never ever do.

U may be out of my sight, but not out of my heart, U may be out of my reach but not out of my mind.I may mean nothing to u but u will always be special to me!!

How can u tell the rain not 2 fall when clouds exist? How can u tell the leaves not 2 fall when wind exist? How can u tell me not to fall in friendship when u exist.

Knowing a friend like u has made me happy in a million ways And if Ever I Have to Let you go………..I would Find a million reasons to make u stay!!!!

If I m in hell & u in heaven, I always look up & be proud of u. but if I were In heaven & u in hell, I beg God 2 send me down coz heaven wont be heaven without u.

Life is 4 u, death is 4 me, being happy is 4 u, being sad is 4 me, being together is 4 u, being lonely is 4 me, everything 4 u but u r 4 me.

If I could pull down the rainbow I would write ur name with it & put it back in the sky to let everybody know how colourful my life is with a friend like u!!

Never say ur happy when ur sad… never say ur fine when ur not ok… never say u feel good when u feel bad… and never say ur alone when I m still alive.

Sometimes my mind asked why? I miss u, Why? I care 4 u, Why? I remember u then my heart answered its simply b’coz you are a sweet friend!!


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You you make me believe in love at first sight 
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Wana giv…

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